How tearing down statues will solve racism

HINT: it wont.

As statues of Confederate generals are (illegally) torn down in the USA,  ABC personality Stan Grant has called for Australians to consider following the lead of our American friends.

And now Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has told Fairfax media she has referred the statues of Captain Cook and Governor Lachlan Macquarie to the council’s Indigenous advisory panel. She says for the panel’s “consideration and in particular their advice on how the City can most effectively play a role in progressing equality and redress past injustices”.

It seems as though the social justice left has run out of people to de-platform and, naturally, have turned their talents to a more formidable challenge.

How much racism will have been cured by the time they have torn down every statue in Sydney? Well, one thing is certain, it wont be enough.

As always it is those who claim to be all about opposing racism that seem to be the only ones talking about race. Where most people see a benign statue in a park the social justice left sees an active, racially oppressive force.

If we really want to cure racism perhaps it would be best to listen to the great man himself, Morgan Freeman.