Dark horse Cory Bernardi jumps ahead of Hanson in NSW

Cory Bernardi, in just eight months, has achieved what seasoned political parties have been unable to do in years – official status in NSW.


The Australian Conservatives will stand at the next NSW state election after the party was registered by the NSW Electoral commission, Cory Bernardi has revealed to members.

Bernardi made the announcement at a party fundraiser in Parramatta on Friday night.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, The Liberal Democratic Party and the Nick Xenophon Team have so far been unable to achieve the 750 registered members required to stand for election in NSW.

Any party not registered by March 2018 will be unable to stand at the next NSW state election.

Both Pauline Hansons’s One Nation and The Liberal Democrats have reportedly run member drives over the last few months in an attempt to be registered in time.